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No surprise, but always nice to see data backing up what those living in cohousing communities are already intimately aware of. Researchers asked, what makes for happy homeowners? Not size or price, actually. It's about the community. "It turns out that what really matters is the extent to...
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Question: I would like to know the number of units of the smallest Cohousing communities and people's opinions about the smallest number of units necessary for a viable Cohousing community. Response: Years ago, somewhere in the literature I saw the results of a survey that the ideal size was 25-...
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As the American economy recovers, the average new home size has reached an all-time high of 2,300 square feet. This is part of a cultural shift where many Americans are shying away from children sharing bedrooms, and bathrooms are becoming more plentiful and sophisticated. Homes have more than...
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I want to buy a trailer park and convert it to a cohousing community. I will wait till you are done laughing. OK, here is the rationale behind this seemingly idiotic idea. My family joined Camelot Cohousing sort of half way through the process. We joined in 2007. Camelot got built in 2008, and...
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The best size and number of households seems to be one of the big challenges facing cohousing in America. Cohousing communities in Europe have shown over and again that the optimum size is not too big and not too small. Create a community that is too big and an institutional feel and sensibility...
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