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Off my usual topic of governance but this was a response to a question from a new community that I thought might be helpful to all new communities, and some settled ones. What should we buy of the kitchen? On small appliances: At 14 years we still have donations and have just started buying more...
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On Cohousing-L, a member of a forming group asked a smart question: "What SHOULD we be worried about?" Philip Dowds, an architect living in Cornerstone Cohousing in Cambridge Cohousing replied: Plan on delay. Plan on surprising cost increases. Plan on flogging your way past disappointments...
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HOA Pulse is website for Home Owner Associations. It has an excellent newsletter and is also a social media site for with focused discussions for topics related to homeowner association management. Cohousing at 30+ years with communities aging and growing in size is...
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Keeping a community’s finances untangled takes a team approach and some professional oversight.Two individuals who serve on their respective communities’ financial teams offer a look at the annual operating budget process. As the completion date of a new cohousing community nears, everyone...
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