Sustaining Communities

We encourage all cohousing groups and communities to consider an annual gift of support to Coho/US. Your community’s gift will help us serve you and others as we nurture the growth of cohousing and help our communities thrive

Engaging your members in supporting Coho/US strengthens our movement. Please consider sharing with your members our Coho/US Overview and Strategic Goals.

Why Support Coho/US?

  • You want to promote cohousing across the nation.
  • You want your community to be recognized as a supporter of cohousing.
  • You want to support Coho/US as a vehicle for recruiting community members, finding resources and attending conferences, and connecting with the cohousing world.

What does your gift support?

Coho/US 2018 Operational budget of $94,000 funds:
• A small but dedicated staff;
• Hosting website, including the Cohousing Directory and Classified Ads for home sales
• Resources for finding, creating, living and aging in cohousing;
• Planning for Regional and National Conferences;
• Hosting the National Cohousing Open House Day
• Educating and attracting the public to cohousing;
• Advocacy for cohousing-friendly political and economic environment; and
• Special initiatives, such as seeking FNMA and FHA-HUD support, aging in cohousing, and analyzing costs to live in cohousing

Sustaining Community

All gifts are welcome and appreciated. Please consider becoming a Sustaining Community by pledging to contribute each year, for five years, $25 per household (with a minimum of $300).

Giving & Pledging Options - All gifts welcome


  • Mail a check to Coho/US, 4710 16th Street, Boulder CO 80304
  • For more information, and to set up a recurring payment for annual support:
    Karin Hoskin, Coho/US Executive Director
    karincohous [at] gmail [dot] com