Open House Day 2019:Communities who hosted

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National Cohousing Open House Day:April 27, 2019
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Fair Oaks EcoHousing's Marty Maskall explaining cohousing to an East Bay Cohousing group of community seekers

63 communities -. These communities opened their doors for National Cohousing Open House Day, Saturday, April 27, 2019. Click on listed address for a map link, but please don't actually go there without making prior arrangements (don't make us have to take down this list). Every cohousing neighborhood is independent, and there's no substitute for visiting and meeting the members to see whether it feels like the right place for you. -- Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach and Coho/US Volunteer, at Berkeley (CA) Cohousing

Download and print the new brochure (or this one for double-sided printing at home) and share it at your open house.

For tips on hosting and visiting communities, tune into video of the CoHo Webchat from the prior Thursday.

20 States and One Canadian Province represented so far (as of 4/27/2019):

  • Alaska (1)
    • Arizona (1) A forming Flagstaff group is now on the map. Come on, Tucson, you've got 3 communities established and perhaps a new one forming, but we don't see you here yet.
    • California (14) The East Bay, near San Francisco, has the densest collection of participating communities. However, there's a strong cluster around Sacramento (now including the forming group Washington Commons), and we were joined recently by senior-cohousing community Wolf Creek Lodge, forming a "cohousing corridor" 200 miles long from the Bay Area to the Sierras; we can make that 300 miles if we can get the forming community in Truckee onboard. What's especially fun to see here is forming communities organizing group trips to established cohousing neighborhoods. Coming soon: a first-ever Santa Cruz area communites tour.
    • Colorado (3) Now reaching beyond the Boulder-Denver axis, with Colorado Springs in the mix.
    • Connecticut (1)
    • Iowa (1)
    • Maryland (2) Liberty Village has put this Mid-Atlantic state on the map.NEW! Times updated.
    • Massachusetts (6) NEW! Welcome to the list, Mosaic Commons. It's great to see Cambridge Cohousing joining their nearby neighbor Cornerstone. In the works with the New England Cohousing MeetUp group: an organized self-guided tour
    • Minnesota (1) The state's sole built community, located in the Minneapolis suburbs, is expanding, so really it should be in both the Resident and Building categories.
    • New Mexico (2) Albuquerque (an established community, hosting a forming one) and Taos are representing. How about Santa Fe?
    • North Carolina (10) Still the leader in percentage of communities participating, and still growing, with two added this month. Among states with more than one cohousing neighborhood, that is. It's great to see the inter-community coordination in the greater Durham area.
    • New York (1) Ithaca EcoVillage, home of three cohousing neighborhoods, will host tours and a chance to meet the founder.
    • Oklahoma (2) is the place to be, with the sole built community there saying "if you sign up, we'll do a tour for you." With that kind of hospitality, and now with the Tulsa forming community participating as well, we have to agree with the statement, 'Oklahoma is OK.'
    • Oregon (5) What better way to warm up for the National Cohousing Conference? Note that some communities are waiting to do a post-conference open house rather than one in April as well. Note that at least two Oregon communities have changed times and/or locations since the list was first published, so be sure to reload for the latest.
    • Pennsylvania (2) Not just open house day, but the following weekend a two-day Cohousing Experience weekend with sleep-over/camp-out options at Hundredfold Farm.
    • Utah (1)
    • Virginia (4) Perhaps the widest mix of urban and rural, forming, building and established communities in the Old Dominion.
    • Vermont (1) New England's Northernmost Cohousing Neighborhood is now on the list.
    • Washington (5) Both urban and rural, forming and established, Including a "Cohousing 101" talk at the nation's narrowest cohousing community - Capital Hill Cohousing is on a lot just 40 feet wide! But deep, in all the senses of the word. The area's first senior cohousing neighborhood, Quimper Village in Port Townsend, recently joined the list.
    • Wisconsin (2) Arboretum Cohousing in Madison will have a Native American providing context on the first peoples of the land they now call home. And nearby Village Cohousing, the first in the area, will be open during similar hours.

    We've gone international! We also now have British Columbia onboard.
    Development State of the hosting group:

    • Forming: 5 (Groups without a specific site yet, sometimes gathering at an established community)
    • Building: 17 (some meeting at the construction sites, or nearby)
    • Resident: 40 (established communities that may or may not have openings for rent or resale, but would love to meet you and let you see what cohousing means to them)

    AK: Anchorage
    Ravens' Roost (Resident): 10 - 11 am & 2 - 4 pm at 9085 Nuthatch Place - Tours

    AZ: Flagstaff
    Flagstaff Cohousing (Forming): 3 - 5 pm at 300 West Aspen Ave. - presentation, Q & A, social afterwards. We are a forming group and will be hosting our event at the public library!

    BC: North Vancouver
    Quayside Village Cohousing (Resident): 10 am to noon at 510 Chesterfield Avenue - Tours, chat with a cohouser, and meet members of new forming groups

    CA: Berkeley
    East Bay Cohousing (Forming): 9 am to 10:30 am at 3124 Shattuck Ave - Welcome to cohousing! Kick off the day at our East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) clubhouse (near Ashby BART, across from La Pena/Starry Plough, right on the Oakland line) with an introduction to sustainable community living (cohousing and EcoVillages), including a virtual tour of communities (3-D goggles optional). Get a map of area offerings. Meet other community seekers, and people forming new communities, including folks with Hibiscus Commons innovating a new model for affordable senior cohousing in partnership with a Community Land Trust. Learn from Cohousing Coaches Betsy & Raines about how to be a good cohousing visitor and assess whether a community is right for you. Optionally join us for a van/bus or bike tour of area communities (advance RSVP required). Learn about the upcoming national cohousing conference in Portland (with discount tickets still available for EBCOHO supporting members) and how you can find a path to community. See our calendar with dozens of area events and join our 4800+ members in the world's largest cohousing MeetUp group at
    Berkeley Cohousing (Resident): 6 - 8 pm at (address provided upon RSVP) - Join a few members of our sustainable neighborhood in celebrating a quarter century living in community in West Berkeley. Reserve a spot to sit down for a homemade (un)common meal in our Common House, made by some of the chefs who have cooked for each other consistently for three nights a week since 1994. See a couple of our homes. RSVP required via Cohousing California; we will email you our address, rather than publish it on the web, to help preserve resident privacy. Included on the East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) tour.
    Hibiscus Commons (Forming): 9 - 10:30 am at The Long Haul InfoShop, 3124 Shattuck Ave. - We'll be presenting on our vision for affordable senior cohousing in partnership with a Community Land Trust as part of the East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) kick-off for the day.

    CA: Emeryville
    Doyle Street (Resident): 2 - 4 pm at 5514 Doyle St. - conversation and visiting a couple of units. Snacks will be served. Questions will be answered. Please join us. This community, the first in the Bay Area, will be included in the East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) tour.

    CA: Fair Oaks
    Fair Oaks EcoHousing (Building): 10:30 am to noon at 10223 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks Coffeehouse - Orientation & Site Overlook. Please RSVP to Bob O. at (916) 365-6428 or bob.oyafuso at

    CA: Grass Valley
    Wolf Creek Lodge (Resident): 1 - 3 pm at 800 Freeman Lane #102 - Tours, conversation, refreshments! Visit the Northern California Corridor of Cohousing from the Bay Area, Hwy 80 going East towards Davis/Sacramento and then Hwy 49 to Grass Valley/Nevada City. Yes, inter-group coordination at it's best!

    CA: Oakland
    Phoenix Commons (Resident): 1 - 3 pm at 340 29th Ave - Come get a tour of the San Francisco Bay Area's first 55+ cohousing neighborhood, and the first US community with an ocean-going dock on the Bay (and incredible views). Sample some refreshments and learn about our last few remaining homes for sale. Included on the East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) tour.
    Temescal Creek Cohousing (Resident): 10 am to 12 pm at 322a 45th Street - Orientation, community tour, home tours, snacks
    Golden Gate Cohousing (Resident): Only as part of the EBCOHO tour at (shared upon RSVP) - See the new common-house and units in our finally-completed second building that we lifted up, in the first resident-run rental cohousing neighborhood.
    Kingfisher Cohousing (Resident): 2:30 - 4:30 pm at 3130 Brookdale Ave. - Coffee, cheese & crackers. Part of the East Bay Cohousing tour.

    CA: Pleasant Hill
    Pleasant Hill Cohousing (Resident): 1 - 4 pm at 2200 Lisa Lane - Tours, snacks, meet community members in the East Bay's first new-build suburban community. See homes available for rent or purchase, and learn about the community's path to membership

    CA: Sacramento
    Southside Park Cohousing (Resident): 11 am to 2 pm at 434 T St. - tours, conversation, refreshments

    CA: West Sacramento
    Washington Commons (Building): 2 - 4 pm at 330 G Street - Stop by our virtual living room - the site of our new cohousing community – Washington Commons. Join informal conversation with members and friends and learn the latest about upcoming design workshops. Root Beer Floats too! RSVP to Jae at je [dot] jensen95825 [at] gmail [dot] com

    CO: Arvada
    Ralston Creek Cohousing (Building): 10 am to 1 pm at 15037 West 68th Place (Our Future Home) - Meet the members of Ralston Creek Cohousing at the future site of The Gatehouse in the Geos Neighborhood. You will have the opportunity to tour an existing townhome and learn about the solar and geothermal technology of this one-of-a-kind development. We will then drive to Boulder where you can tour two existing cohousing communities. Please RSVP on Eventbrite:

    CO: Boulder
    Silver Sage Village (Resident): 11 am to 3 pm at 1650 Yellow Pine Ave - Tours and conversation in Colorado's only Senior Cohousing neighborhood

    CO: Colorado Springs
    Casa Verde Commons (Resident): 1 - 3 pm at 1355 Lindenwood Grv - tours, conversation, videos, snacks

    CO: Denver
    Aria Cohousing Community (Resident): 11 am to 2 pm at 2835 W. Parkside Pl. - tours, conversation, snacks and beverages, outdoor games

    CT: Bethany
    Rocky Corner Cohousing (Building): 12 - 4:30 pm at 58 Old Amity Road - Tours of construction and land, drinks and snacks, conversation and information about available homes

    IA: Iowa City
    Iowa City Cohousing / Prairie Hill (Resident): 1 - 4 pm at 140 Prairie Hill Lane - Tour our Common House and homes, including three for sale and 13 we live in already. Trek up the hill to the community garden and the fantastic view of the surrounding countryside. Enjoy refreshments in the Common House while you chat with members about what we love about cohousing and how you may join us. Children welcome to play in our kids’ room or volley at our ping pong table.

    MA: Amherst
    Pioneer Valley Cohousing (Resident): 2 - 6 pm at 110 Pulpit Hill Road - Come in the afternoon for tours, and if you like, stick around for the 6 pm potluck - bring something to share

    MA: Berlin
    Mosaic Commons Cohousing (Resident): 1 - 4 pm at 22 Village Lane - Tours, light refreshments. Please park on road and follow signs to common house. Handicapped parking at common house is available.

    MA: Boston
    Jamaica Plain Cohousing (Resident): 4 - 6 pm at 65 Cornwall Street - tours, conversation

    MA: Cambridge
    Bay State Commons Cohousing (Building): 1 - 3:30 pm at 175 Harvey St. - Learn about our plans to build near downtown Malden, where we are currently seeking a building permit. Conversation at our table at an established community, Cornerstone Cohousing.
    Cornerstone Village Cohousing (Resident): 1 - 3:30 pm at 175-195 Harvey Street - tours, conversation, snacks
    Cambridge Cohousing (Resident): 1 - 3:30 pm at 175 Richdale Ave. - tours, Q&A, refreshments. Cambridge Cohousing and Cornerstone are a 15 minute walk between one another so interested people can visit both in one afternoon.

    MD: Union Bridge
    Liberty Village Cohousing (Resident): 2 - 5 pm at 9152 Liberty Village Way - Tours, conversations, playground, kids’ games and activities, front porch talks, open space walks, outdoor potluck community dinner over the outdoor grill and block party follows, bring anything you’d like to share. Enjoy our 20 acres of natural open space and the 100 acres of parkland next door. We’ll dine in the Common House if inclement weather prevails.

    MN: Saint Louis Park
    Monterey Cohousing Community (Resident): 2 - 3:30 pm at 2925 Monterey Avenue - We will begin with a tour or the property and common house. We will conclude with a presentation and a Q & A. There are no units currently available but we are planning an expansion and looking for interested families and individuals.

    NC: Asheville
    Westwood Cohousing (Resident): 11 am to 2 pm at 43 Vermont Court - Tours, conversation, snacks. We look forward to meeting you!

    NC: Carrboro
    Pacifica Cohousing (Resident): 1 - 4 pm at 143 Viburnum Way - Community and home tours, conversation with Pacificans, snacks for the weary

    NC: Chapel Hill (Carrboro)
    Arcadia Cohousing (Resident): 4 - 6 pm at 134 Circadian Way - Tours, conversation about community life, light snacks. We'll also offer tours the next day, Sunday morning from 10 am to noon.

    NC: Durham
    Bull City Commons (Building): 10 am to 2 pm at Durham Central Park Cohousing, 130 Hunt St. - Info tables including Bull City Commons members; tour of Durham Central Park Cohousing. Bull City Commons is an urban condo community that will be within walking distance of the Ninth St. cafe/shopping district. We're on track to break ground this year. We look forward to meeting you!
    Durham Central Park Cohousing (Resident): 10 am to 2 pm at 130 Hunt Street - Tours, conversation about cohousing life, and hosting forming communities in Durham
    Village Hearth (Building): 10 am to 2 pm at 130 Hunt St. (Durham Central Park Cohousing) - Information, conversation, video, tour of construction site at 2pm. We are a dynamic group of LGBT, straight friends and allies building a senior cohousing community on 15 beautiful wooded acres. Move-in early 2020. Note: must wear closed-toed shoes to visit construction site.
    Eno Commons Cohousing (Resident): 2 - 4 pm at 1 Indigo Creek Trail - tour, light refreshments

    NC: Durham
    Weaving Water (Building): 3 - 4:30 pm at 3912 Rivermont Rd - Join us for a site visit and enjoy our new trees swings!

    NC: Hillsborough
    Fiori Hill (Resident): 10 am to 2 pm at 102 N Fiori Hill - Tours, Conversation, Open Homes. 12 homes still available.

    NC: Rougemont
    Elderberry Cohousing (Resident): 11 am to 2 pm at 60 Elderberry Lane - Tours, visits to homes, meeting cohousing residents and enjoying a light lunch.

    NM: Albuquerque
    Acequia Jardin (Resident): Noon to 3 pm at 2300 to 2340 Rio Grande Blvd NW - Guided tours, refreshments, conversations. We will also have members of the cohousing-in-formation CohousingABQ present to show their plans for their multigenerational community in Albuquerque's Near South Valley.

    NM: Taos
    Valverde Commons (Resident): 9 am to 4 pm at 405 Valverde Commons Dr - Tours, discussion

    NY: Ithaca
    Ecovillage ithaca (Resident): 1:30 - 6 pm at Rachel Carson Way - Tour of the community at 3 pm, tea and coffee before and after. Tours of 5 units for sale.

    OK: Stillwater
    OAKCREEK Community-Stillwater (Resident): Tours are available at any time with a phone call, text or email. at 1806 N. Husband - We are always happy to host interested persons at meals, happy hour, coffee, work day...any day. Just call, text or email.

    OK: Tulsa
    Heartwood Commons -Tulsa (Building): 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at 7131/7141 South Quincy Avenue - Come tour the land and hear about our vision for Tulsas first cohousing community for active adults. Meet your future neighbors and share lunch. Preceded by a presentation at 10 am at Zarrow Pointe, 2025 E 71st St, Town Center Auditorium (1st bldg past outdoor pool). For more information or to make a reservation call Suzy at 918-519-5298.

    OR: Eugene
    Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing (Building): 1 - 3 pm at 1055 River Road - Information, conversation, light snacks, short walk to the site for a tour.

    OR: Hood River
    Adams Creek Cohousing (Building): 10:30 am to 2 pm at 1419 Sherman Ave. - Tours, conversation, coffee and tea, snacks

    OR: Portland
    Mason St. Townhomes (Resident): 10 am to 2 pm at 5900 NE Mason St - Tours, light refreshments. By open house, 4-5 households will be moved in - and ready for more great neighbors!
    Trillium Hollow (Resident): 1 - 3 pm at 9601 NW Leahy Rd. - Tours at 1pm and 2pm
    Our Home - Cathedral Park (Forming): 9 am to 1 pm at Address shared with RSVP - We would love to have a conversation about our community and plans and share drawings and price points and timeline with you! By appointment @ aliciadelashmutt [at] gmail [dot] com

    PA: Orrtanna
    Hundredfold Farm (Resident): 10 am - 2 pm at 1400 Evergreen Way - Living Machine and home tours. If you can't make it for open house day, come experience our community overnight, the following weekend - see our website for details.

    PA: Phoenixville
    Altair EcoVillage (Forming): 9 am to 1 pm at 2237 Kimberton Rd - Land work party, tour, pot luck

    UT: Salt Lake City
    Wasatch Commons (Resident): 10 am to 2 pm at 1411 S Utah Street #26 - Tours, Conversations about what in means to live in community. Wasatch Commons is located in a quiet urban agricultural enclave just 3 miles from downtown Salt Lake City and 4 miles from the airport. Several community members commute to work by bike or bus. The spacious homes are clustered around a common path winding between the two parking lots on the periphery.We are a multi-generational community.

    VA: Charlottesville
    EcoVillage Charlottesville (Building): 10 am to 2 pm at 480 Rio Rd E - Tours and info on designs.

    VA: Crozet
    Emerson Commons (Building): 3 - 5 pm at 1317 Parkview Dr - tours available. Includes refreshments by the pool.

    VA: Harrisonburg
    Juniper Hill Commons / Harrisonburg Cohousing (Building): all day (by appointment) at Harrisonburg - We aren't holding a particular event, but if you're in our area, we'd love to take you on a tour of our property and show you site and house plans. Contact us with your schedule. We will be submitting our site plans for rezoning by fall 2019, and hope to have first move-ins by the end of 2020/to 2021! harrisonburgcohousing [at] gmail [dot] com

    VA: Richmond
    Richmond Cohousing (Building): 11am - 3 pm at 500 Tredegar St - Come meet Richmond Cohousing while enjoying Party for the Planet in downtown RVA! This free, riverside, family-friendly festival is dedicated to environmentally-friendly living and sustainability. Stop by our table as you enjoy live music, local food and drink, kid-friendly activities, and educational demos and activities. Richmond Cohousing's site is under construction and just a few blocks away, you'll be able to see the neighborhood and all the fun and flavor that the area has to offer. A few units are still available, come chat with us to learn more.

    VT: Burlington
    Burlington Cohousing (Resident): 4 - 8 pm at 33 East Village Drive - Tours, chats, potlucks, games

    WA: Anacortes
    Skagit Cohousing (Building): 11 am to 1 pm at 3511 D Ave - Site tours, meet our Members, games for kids, refreshments and FUN!

    WA: Marysville
    Sunnyside Village Cohousing (Building): 1 - 5 pm at 3121 66 Avenue NE - Tour the property, see our preliminary designs for our community, get to know us, and share homemade cookies and tea! Sunnyside Village Cohousing is now accepting new members. Join in now before all the decisions are made! Also, see us at the National Cohousing Conference in Portland, Oregon.

    WA: Port Townsend
    Quimper Village (Resident): 11 am to 4 pm at 3105 Sage lane - Tour, conversation, coffee, cookies. This is our second national open house! Last year was a blast.

    WA: Seattle
    Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing (Resident): 10 am to 3 pm - check schedule at 1722 12th Avenue - 3 Tours & 2 Cohousing 101 Workshops. RSVP via EventBrite: and

    WI: Madison
    Arboretum Cohousing (Resident): 11 am to 3:30 pm at 1137 Erin St. - This year we have planned a special event focused on the history of the land in our neighborhood. Larry Johns, an Oneida tribal member who has worked on identifying, protecting and educating people about the sacredness of our land and area, will share his knowledge and lead a walk to some of the local mounds. The talk on the effigy mounds will be at 1:00 pm, and the neighborhood walk will begin at 2:00 pm. Tours of our communiy and light refreshments starting at 11 am.
    Village Cohousing Community (Resident): 1 - 4 pm at 1104 Mound St - Tours, history, refreshments

    Remember, these were welcoming visitors on one particular day, which is now past. Please don't visit without making prior arrangements.

    Communities: Not listed here? Send us your entries! (note: we only list Open House Day events for US cohousing neighborhoods included in the Cohousing Communities Directory. A whole additional set of communities in and around Portland, Oregon will do open houses on Sunday, June 2, for participants at the National Cohousing Conference.