Introducing the 500 Communities Program

Happy Holidays!
What an enormous gift cohousing gives to those living in community ☺

Many of you currently live in cohousing, have collaborated on construction or development of communities, or are in the process of finding your new cohousing home. So, have you ever thought…

I’d love to help make more of these communities a reality!
What if my work helped cohousing community formation from the ground up?
What if I could learn how, and bring those skills to meaningful fruition in my area?

Maybe it isn’t exactly the Christmas present you asked for…but Katie McCamant does have a new program in development we’re all pretty excited for.

It’s called the 500 Communities Program, and is intended as training for passionate people who feel ready to leap into creating the next great wave of cohousing communities, while working in a collaborative, supportive environment. (Because really, everything is more fun when done in community, right?)

Katie McCamant, cohousing pioneer, will be program head. Our official launch date is set for May at the National Cohousing Conference in Durham (cohousers unite!) But we’ll be sending out previews of the Program’s structure/curriculum to those who express an early interest, so they’ll have a jump-start on the Program application for Fall.

We want to start initial get-to-know-you style interviews soon, in mid-January. So if this program peaks your interest, please sign up for our mailing list!

You can find out more info and sign up for mailings here: 500 Communities Program