Sessions: Regional Cohousing Conference: 4/20-4/22 Boulder CO

Aging in Multigenerational Cohousing Communities - Session with Ronnie Rosenbaum

In this interactive session we will explore how those of us who want to live in community with people of different ages can thrive in our later years. We will discuss the issues, needs, resources, and processes that will be helpful, particularly in established cohousing communities that may not have been set up for elders.

Building Net-Zero Energy and Beyond - Session with David Adamson and Bryan Bowen

We’ll review recent accomplishments in the design of cohousing units and clarify how climate and regional factors influence design. In this session, you’ll gain an understanding of how to work with your local professional to achieve the energy performance you’d like inside a budgetary framework. This session will include a case study of Boulder’s first Carbon Neutral home among others. We will also cover LEED for Homes, Passive House, and Living Communities Challenge rating systems.

Classism and Cooperative Economics - Session with Yana (Ma'ikwe) Ludwig and Matt Stannard

Economic relationships and systems can be one of the toughest nuts for communities to crack. This workshop offers a non-judgemental environment to explore questions of economics and class and how they relate to our efforts to build community, and a sustainable, resilient world.

CoHousing Solutions’ 500 Communities Program: Training entrepreneurs to work in cohousing -Presentation by Katie McCamant

Katie will discuss and answer questions about her year-long program, training people to work in cohousing and other types of collaborative development. Two successful classes have already graduated, and CoHousing Solutions is now taking applications for the 2018 Class. Learn more at

Community Fun - Session with Annie Russell & Linda Tate

Cohousers just want to have fun! Come learn the ways two veterans of cohousing have created fun, community-building experiences and events for their communities. Holiday parties, game nights, dances, interest clubs, and more serve as the glue that keeps everyone going when reaching consensus, hashing out a budget, and doing the day-to-day work get hard.

Dealing With Difficult Community Members - Annie Russell

What do you do when your neighbor’s barking dog wakes you up? What if a team member isn’t pulling their weight? What happens when a neighbor’s young kids run wild and make a mess in the Common House? Join me and bring your stickiest community concerns and together we’ll problem solve neighborly dilemmas.

Designing the Common House - Session with Bryan Bowen & Kristen Uitto

Find out what the state of the art common house design considers and includes, and how to get the most out of common amenities in your community. Your common house will be the heart of your community, necessary to residents’ lives, easy to to access, better than the alternative options. Highly functioning common houses see a great many people-hours, and stay a long term machine for creating lively community.

Greening Your Community - Session with Diane Dandenau

How Co-Housing communities can invest in solar, storage and efficiency, to increase independence and resilience - with money you are already spending.

How to Attract Diversity - Session with Marina LeGrave

CLACE’s Intercultural/Diversity session will help you address how to attack diverse audiences, acquire strategies, understand background and challenges and more. This presentation aims to help you develop and promote an atmosphere of inclusion and respect that leads to high morale and inclusiveness and more.

How To Build A Great Team - Session with Linda Herman

While the magic of cohousing is the unique social contract created within the community, it begins fundamentally as a real estate development project. However, most people don’t decide to live in cohousing because they want to be a developer, and most potential cohousers have never managed a development project.
Creating a cohousing community is a complex yet ordered process that requires a strong collaborative team effort. Understanding the process – how to get from property acquisition to move-in day – is an important first step. Knowing who needs to be on your team is equally important.
In this session, we will provide a detailed overview of the development process, the community-building process, and the team needed to achieve success. We’ll provide information on how to find the right professionals, criteria for hiring, negotiating contracts and fees, roles and responsibilities, and most importantly, what to expect from yourself and your team.

How To Create Affordable Options in Cohousing - Lincoln Miller Boulder Housing Coalition

We will explore some ways to create affordable options in community with an emphasis on a co-op nestled within a cohousing community, the challenges and rewarding successes that can go along with it. If time allows we will also discuss bulk food buying, car sharing, clothing swaps and other forms of sharing resources to decrease daily living costs.

Incorporating Existing Buildings - Marianne Dickinson

Tear down, or re-use? Existing buildings can be opportunities for creative, adaptive reuses in infill and redevelopment.

Marketing - session with Peter Lazar

Forming and existing cohousing neighborhoods share similar challenges when trying to recruit new members. Due to the high cost of housing it is particularly challenging to recruit young families.
The facilitated discussion will include discussion by all, including Q&A with experienced cohousers who will share best practices from their communities.

Reinventing Living Together - Breakfast Keynote Speaker David Barrett

There is a growing impulse in modern culture to recover a sense of connection and community. David will share ideas and examples of architecture and community design that he has been involved in that supports, facilitates, and celebrates ways in which we come together.

Safe Meetings - Session with Karen Gimnig

Creating a safe space for discussion and decision-making is essential in cohousing communities. We’ll talk about why safety matters, how our brains are wired for safety and how we can use that knowledge to make meetings safer.

Scaling Cohousing - Session with Jeff Lawhead

This session will consider cohousing in the broader marketplace and will offer strategies and suggestions for how cohousing can be made to appeal to a broader audience and a more diverse demographic. Cohousing has a unique opportunity to grow going forward as the "sharing economy" has increased its traction and more platforms are available in the coworking and coliving spaces.

Strategies for Affordability and Diversity - Marianne Dickinson

Creating cohousing that is both affordable and diverse has been a struggle for cohousers, but here are some new tools to help and stories of cohousing folks thinking out of the box.

Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption - Lunchtime Keynote Speaker Yana (Ma'ikwe) Ludwig

Community has a critical role to play in both reducing carbon emissions and humans' ability to survive climate change. This talk looks at three key places where our movement has something to offer the world: building healthy intentional communities, cooperative culture articulation and development, and our work as activists for economic and legal reform.

Understanding Zoning Codes to Find a Site Efficiently - Session with Bryan Bowen

The process of finding a site in the current western states property market is probably the biggest barrier for emerging communities. This session will give you an introduction to the terms and structures of typical zoning and land use codes. It will include a “how to” for understanding Boulder’s Land USe Code.

Unplugged Session - Katie McCamant

This is an opportunity to ask questions that you still have. Katie will be on hand to offer their knowledge and experience in an informal question and answer format.