Intensives: Regional Cohousing Conference: 4/20-4/22 Boulder CO

Bridging Circles - Full Day Intensive with Karen Gimnig $110

Bridging Circles are a type of structured discussion designed to help groups and individuals access both the emotional and the cognitive parts of the brain. This allows participants to share their values, beliefs and experiences related to the topic at hand, increasing self-awareness at the same time. Workshop participants will practice skills, participate in a demonstration, and finish the day ready to facilitate these powerful experiences in their communities.

Cohousing Development 101 - Half Day Morning Intensive with Jim Leach & Katie McCamant $75

Learning from these two cohousing developers and their 30+ years developing communities, this workshop geared to housing professionals and advocates will introduce participants to roles and responsibilities of various players during the cohousing development process: Who does what and when do we need them. How long will it take (walking thru a typical development timeline). Do we need a developer? How to get the highest value out of your consultants. What are the most important lessons regarding building a successful and affordable community.

Creating Community Based Affordable Housing - Half Day Afternoon Intensive with Jim Leach & Katie McCamant - for professionals $75

This will be an interactive workshop discussing cohousing and other models of community based development and financing that have been successful or are being explored in addressing affordable housing. The workshop will include a series of short presentations by participants of their experience or ideas on the subject along with group discussion of the concepts presented. A theme of the workshop will be: What can a diverse group of affordable housing professionals and advocates learn from each other about how to generate better housing affordability and real value through community based development models like cohousing.

Creating Community Space for Kids - Half Day Afternoon Intensive with Growing Up Boulder $60

How many hours are spent designing ‘the perfect common house’ or choosing flooring and finishes for each unit? Hundreds. But let’s face it, those are things that we adult-home-owners care about. What to kids think about? Play space! Hang out space! Makerspace! This intensive will guide you in some techniques with how to work with community kids to create shared spaces that they LOVE to use. It is certainly a skill to hear their wishes, contain reality and guide them into creating something great.

Designing a Community - Full Day Intensive with Bryan Bowen $115

Get a solid understanding of the workshop process and the factors involved with designing a cohousing community. This session is a great fit for those of you who are hoping to start a new community or who would like to hone your professional coho-skills. When you sign up you will be able to send your questions in advance to ensure that you get the most out of the day.

Guerrilla Consensus - Half Day Afternoon Intensive with Yana (Ma'ikwe) Ludwig $60

Consensus is both a way to make decisions, and a path for building cooperative culture--but neither one is easy! This workshop will look at key techniques and tools for having consensus go well, as well as the timely and inspiring work of cultural transformation that consensus both demands and enhances.

Making Housing Affordable - Half Day Morning Intensive with Jeff Lawhead - for the general audience $75

Drawing from a number of case studies, this program will focus on strategies for making cohousing more affordable to a mixed-income audience. Examples will include public and private partnerships as well as options for making cohousing part of a large master planning process. Additional possibilities such as land trusts will be included in the larger discussion of making cohousing more accessible.

Starting a Community? How to Tell Your Community Story and Get Potential Residents Jazzed-Up- Half Day Morning Intensive with Alan O-Hashi $60

Are you starting a cohousing community and want to know where to start? Some will say tie up the land first, which is true. Some will say have a meeting to get people interested, which is true. Some will say, get an architect, which is true.

We're here to tell you that overlaying the mechanics of cohousing, is a "story." It's about coming up with a good story that grabs the imagination. As a storytelling case study, we'll use the intentional creative West End Neighborhood in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
We'll start out with a primer in storytelling.

(musing with a smirk)
Oh, that's nothing...anyone can write, Why do I need to pay $60 to write?

We all like a good book or movie, but the reason your imaginations are captured and attention paid to the action on the big screen or on the written page is because of the story - there are good ones and not so good ones.

The same holds true when you're attracting people to be interested in joining your cohousing community - what's your catch?

You'll learn how to structure your story - what is the premise; how does your story start in Act I? What happens in Act II? How does your story end in Act III?

You'll put your pen to pad or your fingers to keyboard and begin outlining your community story - writing it from the inside out.

We'll help you craft your "elevator speech" summarizing your story so it is quickly understandable and then provide you some low / no cost ways you can get your information out there to your targeted market through online media.

Having a compelling online media presence is increasingly important. It’s crucial to outline who you hope to attract to your community, so your message reflects that. We’ll outline tools and best practices for finding your future neighbors via your website, newsletter, facebook, twitter and Meetup pages, as well as Coho/US’s resources.

This involves telling not just the "how" of cohousing but also the "why". Why is this lifestyle for me? What benefits will cohousing bring to my life – whether I’m a pro-active senior, young family or single person seeking more community in my life?

My teaching approach appeal to all learning styles - auditory, visual and hands-on, so there will be plenty of activity and film clips to go along with our talking heads.