Bios: Regional Cohousing Conference: 4/20-4/22 Boulder CO

David Barrett of Barrett Studio Architects

is an architect whose 40-year practice has been recognized for its intent to draw from nature, as well as humanistic values of compassion, co-creation and always beauty. Some of Barrett Studio Architect’s projects are the Master Plan for Holiday Neighborhood, Greyrock Commons Co-Housing, the Abbey of St. Walburga, Eagle Rock Residential School and Professional Development Center, and Kestrel Mixed-Age Community. See more at

Bryan Bowen of Caddis

is a Colorado-based architect and principal at Caddis Architecture. Caddis recently completed Germantown Cohousing in Nashville, and is a leader with Memel.Global, the first cohousing community in Africa. Caddis was the local architect collaborating with Chuck Durrett on Silver Sage Village Cohousing, and Bryan was the project architect on Wild Sage Cohousing with J Logan Architects. Since 1995, Bryan has been dedicated to the design of neighborhoods and eco-buildings, all with the vision of making baby steps towards a sustainable permaculture planet. Bryan maintains community involvement through layers of volunteerism and sits on the Wild Sage Cohousing HOA board, where he lives with his family. In addition to his niche in cohousing, his work includes single family homes, eco-retrofits, multifamily housing, mixed-use . projects, community planning, and commercial work.

Diane Dandenau of IPOWER Alliance

is the CEO of IPOWER Alliance, a solar and energy efficiency project development firm. She has over 30 years experience in solar, energy efficiency and climate change mitigation education and solutions.

Marianne Dickinsen

a cofounder of the 10-home, 55+ Acequia Jardin cohousing community in Albuquerque, says they started researching cohousing in 2009, started developing Acequia Jardin in 2012 and moved in by December 2013.
She has a background in building, community development and organizing and is a resource for others looking to create cohousing, including a multi-generation, mixed income eco-housing community presently forming in Albuquerque. She works with local advocates for affordable housing and has spent nearly 3 years working with the City Planning Department on the Comprehensive Plan update and new zone code which now includes zoning for cottage/cohousing and cluster developments.

Karen Gimnig

is a certified professional facilitator with Imago Relationships International. She believes that every decision to be made and every conflict that occurs is an opportunity to increase the sense of community in cohousing. She is passionate about sharing the tools that help communities take advantage of these opportunities to experience deeper relationships and greater joy. She brings experience from her own cohousing community as well other other communities, the board of Coho US, and other non-profit organizations. Feel free to contact her with questions at gimnig [at] gmail [dot] com or 678-705-9007.

Growing Up Boulder

Growing Up Boulder - is a “child- and youth-friendly city initiative” that is a program of the University of Colorado Boulder's Community Design and Engagement Center (CEDaR). It began in the spring of 2009 as a partnership between the University of Colorado, the City of Boulder, the Boulder Valley School District, former State Senator Dorothy Rupert, local non-profits and businesses, and children and youth from ages 0-18. Child- and youth-friendly cities are locales in which children’s rights are reflected in local policies, laws, programs and budgets. GUB’s goals are to consider ensuring meaningful opportunities for young people’s participation in decision-making and to encourage inclusive spaces for children and youth of all income levels, ethnicities and abilities.

Linda Herman of Linda Herman Consulting

is the principal and owner of Linda Herman Consulting, a development consulting firm that provides the expertise to plan and manage the development process. LHC is currently completing a 41 unit co-housing project for active adults in Oakland, CA. Linda is a Certified Senior Cohousing Facilitator and LEED Accredited Professional.

Jeff Lawhead

grew up in Arizona and completed his Master's in city and regional planning at Cornell University where he had his first exposure to cohousing at Ecovillage at Ithaca. Prior to attending Cornell, Jeff served overseas as a health education volunteer in the Central African Republic. Jeff has work experience in the for profit, non profit and public spheres. Jeff served in the Deputy Mayor's Office for Planning and Economic Development at the Government of the District of Columbia where he worked on public sector redevelopment initiatives. Jeff was drawn to cohousing for its integration of social organization and physical design elements. Currently living at Aria, a cohousing community in Denver, Jeff is focused on developing more diverse mixed-income based models of cohousing.

Peter Lazar

will share his experiences recruiting age-diverse families. The two communities he has been involved with (one existing, one building), have successfully marketed and sold to diverse homebuyers, including over 40% families with children each. Peter is President of Coho/US.

Jim Leach of Wonderland Hill Development

is a professional engineer with more than 40 years of experience in the design, construction, and development of sustainable housing, cohousing, planned neighborhoods, and urban infill development. The overlapping of these talents is what sets Jim apart from many developers. Throughout his career, Jim has led the industry in creating green building strategies and community-based housing that combine high-quality design with maximum value. Jim holds a bachelor's degree in architectural engineering and a bachelor's degree in business management from the University of Colorado and a master's degree in construction engineering from Stanford University.

Marina LeGrave of CLACE

is Founder and Executive Director of CLACE (Latin-American Center for Arts, Science and Education). Her background derives from being a Multicultural Education expert and UN certified Language Specialist (Interpreter and Translator) and Intercultural Consultant with over 25 years of experience. She is the Multicultural Consultant for the City of Boulder. She also provides professional development workshops for educators through presentations that encompass the topics of cultural competence, nontraditional students challenges, student retention and achievement, self-efficacy, cultural responsiveness and sheltered English instruction strategies.
Because of her team results-oriented expertise, important governmental agencies as AGU, NASA, NCAR, NIH, NSF, the U.S. Global Change Research Program, the Space Science Institute (SSI), INSTAAR, BVSD, SVVSD, CDE, the City of Boulder, Boulder County, Telemundo Colorado, Boulder Housing Partners -just to name a few- have entrusted, and continue to entrust her to develop and support timely programming and translation services to help bring unique information and educational experiences to Latino audiences.

Yana (Ma'ikwe) Ludwig

is a cooperative culture pioneer and transition trainer, grounded in two decades of living in intentional communities. Her latest book, Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption, was awarded the Communal Studies Association 2017 Book of the Year Award. Ma'ikwe is the co-founder of Cooperative Revolution, advocating for cooperative culture and economics, and a founding member of the Solidarity Collective, a forming income sharing ecovillage in Laramie, WY.

Katie McCamant of CoHousing Solutions

is a licensed architect and coauthor of the authoritative book on cohousing, Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves, which introduced this housing model to North America. Katie co-founded McCamant & Durrett Architects and The CoHousing Company with her husband, Charles Durrett, in 1987. Since then, Katie has designed and developed dozens of cohousing communities in the United States and Canada. Her company, CoHousing Solutions, provides development and marketing consulting services to cohousing groups all over the country. Her expertise includes setting up project budgets, structuring financing, facilitating planning approvals, finding construction financing, contractor selection, construction management, marketing and membership processes, and community policy creation. Katie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at UC Berkeley and completed her graduate work at the Royal Academy of Art and Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. After living in Doyle Street Cohousing in Emeryville, California, for 12 years, she now lives at Nevada City Cohousing.

Alan O'Hashi

lives in Silver Sage Village in Boulder, CO. In his multi-dimensional life he's provided extensive training and facilitation for a variety of nonprofits. He is a newspaper journalist turned documentary filmmaker and screenwriter and works with groups and organizations to help them tell their stories better. As if he doesn't have enough to do, Alan is organizing an intentional creative community in Cheyenne, Wyoming and using that as a case study for this workshop.

Ronnie Rosenbaum

has lived in a multi-generational cohousing community since 1997 and is a resource for other intentional communities. She consults and facilitates about a variety of topics, such as developing inclusive yet efficient processes, decision-making, managing conflict, and improving communication. In addition, as a mediator, collaborative divorce facilitator, parenting coordinator and conflict coach, Ronnie assists families in the resolution of issues including those related to divorce, parenting, and aging.

Annie Russell

has been helping cohousing communities in community building, marketing and sales for over a decade. Working for Wonderland Hill Development Community she developed a comprehensive community building process and a Find Your New Neighbors workshop to help communities learn about sales and marketing. She has also collaborated with Katie McCamant and Bryan Bowen. Annie was a founder and resident of both Wild Sage and Silver Sage in Boulder, CO.

Matt Stannard

is a legal and policy advocate for sustainable farming and cooperative economics. He is the director of legal education and outreach for Farm Commons, providing legal support to urban and small-scale sustainable farmers. He is the former policy director at Commonomics USA, and was a board member and legal and communications advisor for the Public Banking Institute. His articles have appeared in Occupy, Common Dreams, and Yes! Magazine. He is currently working on books about the commons and the relationship between banking and economic justice.

Linda Tate

provides writing, editing, project management, and meeting planning services to nonprofit and philanthropic clients across the world, including Memel.Global, a cohousing community in South Africa. Linda is currently writing her fourth book, Ferguson Girl: A Story of Family, Place, and Race.She keeps readers and listeners entertained with her weekly blog and podcast, StoryWeb: Storytime for Grownups. Linda joyfully lives with her husband, Jim, in the Wild Sage Cohousing Community in Boulder, Colorado.

Kristen Uitto of Caddis

Since obtaining her Bachelor’s of Architecture from Virginia Tech, Kristen Uitto has assembled fifteen years of professional experience in residential buildings at all cost levels, including single-family, multi-family, and cohousing. While at Caddis, she has broadened her experience to include deep energy-reftofits, eco-tenant finishes, and community master planning. She is well-trained in the art of bringing quality design work into clear and accurate construction documents, and is a skilled communicator in working with clients and coordinating consultants and trades. Kristen is dedicated to ecological building and is a Certified Passive House Consultant and USGBC LEED Accredited Professional. Kristen is a Principal Architect at Caddis in Boulder, CO.