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WebChat Preview of National Cohousing Open House Day:Thursday evening

National Cohousing Open House Day 2019
Coho WebChat
Cohousing Coach Raines Cohen, wearing a gray top hat with a card stuck in the brim.

National Cohousing Open House Day is just a few days away. Get a taste of it by joining me in a WebChat this Thursday evening, where we will share some of the most exciting examples of communities hosting, tips on effective hosting, how to visit well, and so much more.

If you missed the WebChat, view it here:

We now have 62 overall communities listed, in the US and even in Canada.

Open House Day 2019:Communities who hosted

A red image of a house with the words National Cohousing Open House April 27, 2019 superimposed
A group of people gathered in a room watching a presentation on cohousing

63 communities -. These communities opened their doors for National Cohousing Open House Day, Saturday, April 27, 2019. Click on listed address for a map link, but please don't actually go there without making prior arrangements (don't make us have to take down this list). Every cohousing neighborhood is independent, and there's no substitute for visiting and meeting the members to see whether it feels like the right place for you.

National Cohousing Open House Day is here

Curious about cohousing? Want to see what it's really like? Compare communities? Get inspired? Now's your chance.

It's that time again! National Cohousing Open House Day is tomorrow, Sunday, April 29, 2018.

We've got over 60 cohousing neighborhoods across the country participating this year, plus a few on alternate dates this or next week; one community is offering an online virtual tour.

National Cohousing Open House Day is Back, Better than Ever

National Cohousing Open House Day: April 29, 2017
Liberty Village Cohousing at 2016 National Cohousing Open House Day
a musical greeting at Burlington (VT) cohousing at the 2016 National Cohousing Open House Day
Last year several Madison (Wisconsin) communities joined forces for National Cohousing Open House Day

Is it that time of year again? After its incredible debut last year, National Cohousing Open House Day is back, better than ever, this year on Saturday, April 29. We're again joining several other places where you'll find "cohousing clusters" in doing regional organizing, so people can visit several communities and make the most of the day.

Making the most of National Cohousing Open House Day:Regional Organizing and Tours

National Cohousing Open House Day
The Ghost in the Machine:What's the point of community without the people?
Within Reach:Journey to Sustainable Community - a documentary film

We're excited to participate in the upcoming National Cohousing Open House Day. Our home community, Berkeley (CA) Cohousing, has had low turnover (no resales in over 12 years!), and only rarely welcomes outside groups, but we're opening up for a few hours on Saturday, April 30. We're a smaller community (14 homes in the core community, plus an associate member home nextdoor), with strong demand, and we value our privacy.

Aging Better Together:The Time is Now

Aging Better Together

You might think that this year's national cohousing conference is just for older people. Actually, "Aging Better Together" will have a lot that can serve cohousers, community co-creators and seekers of all ages, as it invites us to take a look at the realities of Aging in Community, from birth to death, in so many regards.

Aging Succesfully 2014: Senior Cohousing weeklong workshop coming in October to Nevada City,CA

2014 Successful Aging workshop

McCamant & Durrett Architects is hosting a Senior Cohousing training workshop, Aging Successfully 2014, this October at Nevada City (CA) Cohousing.

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