About Classified Ads

Welcome! Many thanks for your interest in Classified Ads on Coho/US - on the most visited Cohousing website in the world.

  • Looking to buy, sell or rent a home in a Cohousing community?
  • Are you seeking members for your forming group, or looking for one to join?
  • Do you want to promote your professional cohousing services?
  • We provide classifieds ads as a cost-effective way to help cohousers, prospective cohousers, and professionals connect and build community. Let us know how we can be helpful contact us.

    First, you'll need to create an account and login. This will also enable you to edit your own ad during its lifetime. After you create an ad, you will be re-directed to an online payment page (and this make take a minute). The direct link to the online payment page = http://www.cohousing.org//adpayment

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    Your Classified Ad: A web page which includes:

    • Room for 4500 characters (about 2000 words)
    • Fields for all your contact information
    • Space for up to five large images (which will also display on the classified ad webpage)
    • Plain text or basic html formatting
    • Placing a link on your Community's Cohousing Directory profile page

    Classified Ads Plans

    Classified Ads lifespans can be one, three, six or twelve months. Your Classified Ad will be a whole webpage on our website. Ads are fully searchable. You can increase your ad's visibility by adding its headline (which will link to your Ad page) to:

    • Cohousing Now! monthly eNews which reaches 9300+ subscribers
    • Cohousing Directory (http://www.cohousing.org/directory) Featured Ads section
    • Homepage ads are no longer available, due to upcoming website renewal.

      Classified Ads page
      1 Month $50

      Classified Ads + Cohousing Now! eNews
      1 Month $75

      Display Ad in Cohousing Directory or Classified Ads Page contact us to discuss
      1 Month $125

      If you are a Cohousing Community with a profile page in the Cohousing Directory, we will link your ad to your profile at no charge.

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      • For a 6 month­long Ad: Pay for 5 months and get a complimentary month
      • For a 12 month­long Ad: Pay for 10 months and get 2 complimentary months
      • Questions about any of the above? Please contact us with any questions.