Southside Park Cohousing

Sacramento, California

Community image

Cohousing is a type of collaborative housing in which residents actively participate in the operation of their condominium complex. Cohousing provides the privacy we are accustomed to within community.
Cohousing residents commit to living as a community. The neighborhood’s physical design encourages both individual space and social contact. Private homes contain all the features of conventional homes, but residents also have access to extensive common facilities including open space, a playground, and a clubhouse (usually referred to as the common house).
Cohousing communities are designed as attached homes along streets and clustered around central courtyards. Communities have about 25 households. Because neighbors commit to a relationship with one another, cohousing communities use consensus as the basis for group decision-making.
The common house is the social center of a cohousing community. Common houses include a large dining room and kitchen, lounge, children’s space, and laundry room. The common house is a great place for dining, celebrations, and entertainment. Communities serve optional group meals in the common house several times a week. Regardless of the size of the community, there are many opportunities for casual meetings between neighbors, as well as for deliberate gatherings. Community members work together to care for the common property building a sense of cooperation, trust, and support.

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