Southern Nevada Cohousing

Las Vegas, Nevada

Is it possible to grow community in the Nevada desert? Our small group of dreamers and schemers intend to find out. Established in 2015 by Kim Henry and Marta Thompson, SNV Cohousing has been slowly and steadily expanding in numbers ever since. Ours will be the first cohousing community in Nevada, so that means we are working hard to educate our future partners as well as prospective members on what it means. And, yes, when we hear the comment “So it’s like a commune, right?” we smile, take a deep breath and recite what cohousing really is.
We’re currently 5 households strong and have already identified a site in the historic Water Street District of Henderson in the Las Vegas valley. We’ve gotten a warm reception from the owners of the property, the Henderson Redevelopment Agency, so are working hard to attract more members to take this project to the next stage. We envision a community of about 30 homes, intergenerational, with some commercial space fronting onto the neighborhood high street.
We welcome inquiries from those living out of the area, as we know what an attractive retirement location Las Vegas is. And are willing to organize Skype visits if you would like to “attend” one of our meetings to find out more.
Want to know more? If you don’t find the information you want on our website then shoot us an email. Kim, Marta or Michelle (snvcohousing [at] gmail [dot] com) and one of us will get back to you shortly.

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