Sand River Cohousing

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Community image

(Formerly called ElderGrace, we changed our name to Sand River in 2012.)
In dedicating ourselves to lifelong personal growth, friendship, respect for the environment, and service to others, we aspire to embody the following values:
WISDOM. We respect the diversity of paths to personal growth. Deepening our connections to the natural world and others in the place that we live is a significant part of conscious aging.
COMMUNITY. We live in a respectful, egalitarian community that uses a modified consensus process to guide our decision making. We are creating a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment that nurtures a sense of community and individual contentment.
FRIENDSHIP. We value one another and the expression of mutual caring. We cherish and celebrate our diverse origins, joys, talents, beliefs, and life experiences.
ENVIRONMENT. We affirm a sustainable future by conserving resources and living ever more lightly on the Earth.
SERVICE. We offer service to the larger community both as individuals and as representatives of Sand River.
WE WORK AND WE PLAY. We are actively engaged in community—with one another as well as with the hands-on business of establishing and operating a healthy, viable cohousing village. In our monthly community meetings we address current issues and the day-to-day business at hand while various teams plan and execute the necessary tasks under their care, sometimes with the assistance of the rest of the community.
THE COMMON HOUSE is the heart of our community where we prepare and share dinner together—usually three times a month—and engage in other activities, such as tai chi, poetry, watching films, and fireside chats on conscious aging.
WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS, as homes become available, who would like to join us in realizing our values and goals for a more caring and sustainable community and world.
SAND RIVER IS A LEED* community with the following sustainable design features: universal design, permeable paths and trails, accessible public transportation, community open space, water-saving features, rainwater harvesting, native plants and trees, passive solar orientation, in-floor radiant heat, healthy indoor air quality, Energy-Star qualified, 30% more energy efficient, low e windows, blown-in cellulose insulation, photovoltaic-ready hookups
*LEED-certified buildings save money and resources, and have a positive impact on the health of occupants, while promoting renewable, clean energy.

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