Putney Commons

Putney, Vermont

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Putney Commons (www.putneycommonsvt.com) is a small, owner developed, intentional community located in Putney, Vermont. Six homes were completed in 2009, and a seventh was built in 2014. An eighth unit is currently under construction (2021). A final building site is currently available for a single-story home of up to 1100 square feet.
The units are surrounded by field, garden, hills and woods. We are currently a community of eleven individuals and are open to families, couples, and single persons of all ages. We share a vision for being good stewards of the land and supporting one another in living greener and healthier lifestyles.
The six original houses were built in two clusters of three semi-detached homes. They are single-story, on slabs, have no attics, are super-insulated and boast a Five Plus Star Energy rating. They range from 1100 to 1475 sq. ft. and are clustered on the north end of a 3.5 acre field. Each has a garage with a small storage unit.
The seventh home stands alone. Interior designs vary greatly, based on owner-designed preferences. Five homes have photo voltaic panels; one household has a share in a local solar farm. The last remaining builder/member will finance the construction of their own home. It must be single story, on a slab, with a footprint up to 1100 sq. ft., meet 5-Star Plus energy standards, and be aesthetically compatible with the other homes. All community members participate in reviewing and approving final designs.
Members meet monthly to discuss business and living concerns. We make decisions by consensus. We have no common house and eat independently, but we enjoy sharing pot luck dinners and occasional work days. Our $225 monthly owner’s association fee covers mowing, plowing, sanding, trash, insurance, land maintenance and a reserve fund. Legally we are a condominium association, owning the land in common and individually owning our homes from the inside walls in. The Association is responsible for the exteriors of buildings. For example, when the exteriors need re-staining, the reserve fund is tapped to do the work.
Our 11.4 acres of land are secluded and private; they include fields, woodlands, a bit of Sacketts Brook, a common fenced-in vegetable garden with individual plots available to interested members and several neighbors, and walking trails. Amazingly, we are also right in the heart of Putney village, across the street from the post office and behind the first row of houses. We are within easy walking distance of senior exercises/art classes/monthly senior lunches at the Putney Community Cares barn, medical offices, post office, bank, library, food coop, general store, gas station/auto repair, as well as rich cultural institutions. (See iputney.com, nextstage.com,sandglasstheatre.com, yellowbarn.org, putneycrafttour.com> transitionputney.com.)
Our nearest neighbor is the Putney Community Center, which houses a communty foodshelf, zumba classes and dog training. A seasonal farmer’s market is within walking distance, and eight restaurants /eateries are within half a mile. Nearby, the Connecticut River and Putney Mountain offer hikers, bikers, rowers, kayakers, and swimmers many opportunities for enjoyment. Putney has three private schools and Landmark College, as well as a strong public elementary school. Many community-based events are held throughout the year, including a village-wide community supper (currently suspended due to COVID) the second Friday of each month except December and August.
We are located ten miles north of Brattleboro just half a mile from I-91, exit 4.
Interested? Contact us by email and then plan to meet with us.

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