Pinnacle Cohousing

Lyme, New Hampshire

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Our group, singles, couples, and families, organized as an LLC, owns a beautiful 115 acre property, gardens, forest and meadow with waterfront on Post Pond. We run Loch Lyme Lodge, the 22-cabin based hospitality business we purchased as part of the parcel on which we are also building a 16-24 unit, multi-age, intentional cohousing neighborhood, one mile from Lyme and 10 miles from Hanover, NH. Lyme is a rural community with two town centers 10 miles north of Hanover, home of Dartmouth College, a vibrant college town with an excellent tertiary care medical center. Our design a mix of 3 or 4 bedroom homes and 6-8 apodments/homes integrated into the common house and three or four (4) additional homes built as ADU’s (accessory dwelling units). We are creating an attractive, comfortable, environmentally intelligent neighborhood in which one can live, raise a family and live long into retirement, aging in your own home within an inter-generational community.
Our website begins with this paragraph: “Did you ever wish you had a big rambling house on a pond with fruit trees and gardens?…Do you fondly remember your days in college or graduate school and miss the group dinners with stimulating conversation?…Does the idea of living comfortably for less than it costs to live on your own appeal to you?.”
Loch Lyme Lodge, Our hospitality business and place for wonderful weddings and retreats

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