Neighborhood for Mindful Living, A Cohousing Community

Washington Metro Area, Virginia

We organized the first several group meetings - under the name Meditation Centered Cohousing - beginning in January 2013 at River Road Unitarian Church, just before Tara Brach's class with Insight Meditation Community of Washington. After several months exploring the cohousing model and visiting different cohousing sites in the DC area we formed our core group in October 2013 under the name ​Meditation Friendly Cohousing. We have met twice per month since then, continuing to explore cohousing and other community models, developing relationships with cohousing and developer professionals, recruiting new members, exploring potential sites, and nurturing our relationships with each other. We changed our name to Neighborhood for Mindful Living in December 2014.

We are currently working with local developers and consultants to support us in our ongoing exploration of forming a cohousing community in the DC Metro area. Our core focus is recruiting new members to our Core Group to best position ourselves to purchase land when the opportunity arises. Our regular meetings are on the second Saturday and fourth Wednesday of each month, alternating between regular locations in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We typically begin the second Saturday meeting with a one hour orientation for new members at 1 PM, followed by a potluck lunch. Come join us!

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