N Street Cohousing

Davis, California

Community image

N Street is a cohousing community that was started in 1986 when two tract homes built in the early 1950s took down their side fences. We started using a garage as a common house in 1988 after reading Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves by Mccamant and Durrett.
“N” Street continues to grow slowly, adding one house at a time. We currently have expanded to 20 houses, 13 homes on “N” Street that back up to 7 homes on the adjacent street. (Two of the homes on N Street are across the street from the community but are occupied by active members.) The removal of fences has created a beautiful open-space area that includes vegetable, flower gardens, large communal patio, many play structures and more
We enjoy sharing community meals in our rebuilt common house one to four times per week and work parties once a month. We are a mixed community of half renters and half homeowners of around 11 kids and 50 adults.
We make decisions by consensus with everyone having an equal ability to participate after having lived in the community for three months and having attended three meetings. We use a modified consensus where a 66.7% super majority can vote if consensus cannot be reached after a “blocked consensus” process has been followed. So far, we have yet to go through that whole process to a vote.

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