Mosaic Commons

Berlin, Massachusetts

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Mosaic Commons is a cohousing community sharing land with Camelot Cohousing in Berlin, Massachusetts. (Both communities together are “Sawyer Hill Ecovillage.”) Construction was completed in summer of 2009. Available sales & rentals are at
Mosaic Commons includes 34 townhouses and flats, ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms in size.
Our guiding principles include a commitment to creating a supportive, diverse community; affordability; and environmental consciousness. Our homes are superinsulated, meet many LEED standards, and are built with as many low-toxicity sustainable materials as possible.
We’re committed to open, green space. Almost 30 acres of our land is preserved as conservation land. Clustered duplex and triplex buildings leave most of our remaining 35 acres as open space.
Our community includes ages ranging from 1 to 73; people of many spiritual and ethnic backgrounds; gay, straight and bisexual members; singles, couples and families.
Our Vision & Values
* A Vibrant, Dynamic and Sharing Community
* A Green, Lasting Community
* A Diverse and Inclusive Community
* A Community of Many Voices
* A Supportive and Healthy Community
Berlin is a small mostly rural town of about 2600 residents, conveniently located between Worcester and Boston.
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