Marin Cohousing

Novato, California

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About Us…
Design workshops kick off Febrary 2018! First...Site Programming. We're here, at last.
Novato Cohousing Now is a core group, ten households of active adults and families, has been meeting regularly to make sustainable, intergenerational cohousing a reality in Marin.
We've learned a great deal about site availability and cost models, and have teamed with CoHousing Solutions to move forward. We have our target site and kicked off our credibility phase with a Getting It Built Workshop on March 12 & 13, 2016.
Early Beginnings…
John Caye and Judy Slater are project co-founders. They met on the last day of the National Cohousing Conference in Durham in May 2015. They discovered they lived three blocks from each other and were eyeing the same property. Ever since then, they've met regularly to dream, scheme and plan the perfect cohousing community for Marin, gathering additional committed members along the way.
Cohousing development dovetails nicely into both their ambitions. John is a graduate of the Katie McCamant's 500 Communities Program launched by CoHousing Solutions, and Judy is fulfilling her Leader Quest through her Coaches Training Institute's Leadership Program.
Judy made a list of all the qualities she wanted in a co-leader and John had them all (and still wants to know what they are!). John calls Judy his instigator and together, he plans and manages the site and financial aspects of the project while she works to promote cohousing to local government officials, coordinate the social dynamics of group building and keep the project moving forward.

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