Liberty Village Cohousing

Union Bridge (post office and gps), Maryland

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Liberty Village Cohousing, near Frederick, Maryland, was founded upon the vision of creating a multigenerational living environment that promotes a strong sense of community and balances this with private individual homes and affordability. Residents have a commitment to interacting with and knowing their neighbors in a meaningful way. Here, different traditions and values are respected, and all can feel that they belong. Our residents have a diversity of backgrounds, occupations, politics, living situations, spiritual and secular paths, and sexual orientations. We have young families, empty nesters, singles, widows, and couples. In the 15+ years LV has been in existence, residents have come and gone, and we have been through many births, deaths, weddings, and even divorces. LV continues to be a work in progress so that as our lives evolve and change, so does the patchwork quilt of the community. But we remain a community dedicated to creating a place where resources are shared (providing economic advantages), the Earth is respected, and children can play together in safety.
At our monthly community meetings, decisions are made by consensus, with a high priority on listening to each other's point of view. There are weekly optional (although well-attended) community dinners held in our Common House space or, in warm weather, at our picnic tables. We also have (all optional), weekly coffee klatches, movie nights, parties, holiday celebrations, book clubs, meditation groups, and quarterly work days.
We are located in rural and beautiful Libertytown, MD, 10 miles from Frederick, 17 miles from Westminster & convenient to the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan corridor via car or MARC train. So far, 18 energy efficient homes with geothermal climate control are complete. Homes are mostly semi-custom duplexes and are clustered on 8 of our total 23 acres around a green, pedestrian (no-car) walkway. Six of the units, closest to the planned community building, are designed as handicap/elderly friendly. The remaining 15 acres are a mix of gardens, an orchard, a chicken coop, fields, woods, and wetlands. We have a 105-acre well-maintaned public park on one side, a horse farm on another, and five-acre farmettes on yet another side.
10 duplex lots are for sale for building 10 new homes. Plus, existing homes do come up for sale.
Call or email to arrange a visit to decide if living in an old-fashioned neighborhood where you actually know your neighbors could be for you!

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