Jamaica Plain Cohousing

Boston, Massachusetts

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We are a mixed-income, multigenerational, urban cohousing condominium within walking distance to public transportation, that is committed to being in attunement with its urban setting. As part of that commitment we maintain a system of ride sharing, subsidized MBTA fare passes, and community bicycles. We use a modified consensus process to make decisions and are committed to resolving conflicts through honest, direct, and respectful communication.
Four hours of member work per month are expected but we are in process of revising this system. Participation in group meals in encouraged, but not mandated. We strive to work cooperatively for mutual benefit, while respecting personal autonomy and the privacy of one's home. We actively participate in neighborhood events and act as a CSA drop-off site.
We do on-site composting and have eight raised-bed gardens with organic soil. We are committed to conserving natural resources through environmentally-sound construction, energy conservation, recycling, and reducing consumption by sharing materials. All common areas and individual units are accessible to people with disabilities. We value diversity and welcome people from all classes, races, cultures, sexual orientations, and traditional and nontraditional families.
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