Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community

Orrtanna, Pennsylvania

Community image

Hundredfold Farm is a 14-household rural cohousing community in the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, area. The members of this multi-generational community are learning together as they explore the art of living in a sustainable way. The cohousing model is characterized by private dwellings, clustered housing, pedestrian-friendly design, and extensive common facilities. We promote sustainability with organic community gardens, active and passive solar components in our energy-efficient homes, and an innovative wastewater treatment facility that recycles water to our homes.
Some goals of Hundredfold Farm:
• To function together in a rich, supportive manner so that everyone will flourish.
• To provide an alternative to the loneliness that pervades our individualistic society.
• To own and manage the common land jointly while owning our own private homes.
• To cluster the homes in order to reduce the impact on open space and agricultural land.
• To produce a significant amount of our own wholesome and healthy food using sustainable practices.
• To be a community of tolerance, open to everyone regardless of age, income, ethnicity, sexuality, or family situation.
Site features:
• An interlacing of native woodland, fields, pond, walking paths, and hills.
• The upper plateau of our 80-acre property offers a 180-degree view of the surrounding area.
• Community organic garden plot on site since 2001.
• Existing eight-room, two-bath historic common house with a second-story wrap-around veranda overlooking the pond.
• Our vision for the site includes gazebo, sauna, meditation spots, treehouse, and other communal gathering spaces.
• One hour from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
• One and a half hours from Baltimore and Washington, DC, metro areas.
• Within a one-hour drive of 10 college and university campuses.
Single-family homes and eco-site plan:
• High quality, energy-efficient single-family homes.
• A village concept of the 14 homes balancing the need for privacy with opportunities for spontaneous social interaction.
• A pedestrian greenway between the homes that can be used by emergency vehicles if need be.
• Two convenient parking areas located at the perimeter of the housing cluster.
• All homes are of passive solar design. with PV and solar hot water.
• Innovative community wastewater treatment and recycling system.

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