Genesee Gardens Cohousing

Lansing, Michigan

Our current membership consists of five families (couples or individuals with children) and ten single adults with no kids or grown kids (total seventeen adults and seven children). We also have eight associate members who live outside of GGC, some of whom participate very regularly in our activities. We meet Fridays for a meal together and monthly for business.
In addition to meals and meetings, we also gather together to share happy and sad events in our lives, celebrate holidays, and hold movie nights and game nights. We have work-parties to accomplish larger community tasks, and garden together.
We are a retrofit or infill type of cohousing project, using existing houses in the neighborhood to create our intentional community. We have friendly relations with most of our immediate neighbors, some of whom participate in some activities with us. Currently fourteen houses within our boundary are owned by members of Genesee Garden Cohousing. Some of these houses are still in the process of major renovation.
We are looking for new members! There are houses for sale nearby that, once purchased, could be included as part of Genesee Garden Cohousing. There are also options for renting, both within Genesee Gardens Cohousing and in the immediate neighborhood.

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