EcoVillage Dungeness Valley

Port Angeles, Washington

We are a new Ecovillage forming with the design of CoHousing where each family will own their own property in clustered housing in the Sequim Dungeness Valley. Our goal is to purchase 20-100 acres with the vision of some or all of the following: Educational and Healing facilities, incorporating the latest in technology for self-sufficiency, like hydroponics, solar energy, small-scale hydroelectric supply from river or creek, self-composting toilets, organic farming; learning/lecture hall; outdoor survival workshops, Co-op businesses including Restaurant and much, much more.
We are interested in 38 acres to save an old diary farm. It has one huge beautiful barn, 1 wood milking barn, a metal milking barn, 2 exiting homes that are livable and a variety of dairy supported building including a huge silo. The land has an irrigation ditch running through it also. There are many possibilities as Sequim is in the sunblet of the Olympic Mountains.

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