Doyle Street

Emeryville, California

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Doyle Street is a small urban cohousing community, with 12 units plus a common house. All units (condominiums) are currently owner-occupied. Units last sold at $435,000 - $560,000 about four years ago.

The group formed in 1990. Project completed and first occupied in spring 1992. It was designed and (until a few years ago) occupied by architects Chuck Durrett and Katie McCamant, founders of the cohousing movement in the United States; this was the second cohousing development built in the U.S.

The complex consists of two buildings. Six units and a common house are retrofitted into a brick industrial building, while three townhouse units make up an all-new building. Together they form an "L"-shape around the parking lot and courtyard, which includes a garden, children's play area, and facilities for dining outside when it's warm. A large iron gates in the courtyard can be swung out into the parking area creating a larger enclosed play or party area; this is often done on weekends.

As of March 2011, no units are for sale. One two bedroom unit will be for rent in September. Please see for the most current notice of when a unit is available.

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