Cornerstone Village Cohousing

Cambridge, Massachusetts

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PURPOSE ~ We have come together to live in cohousing because we believe that people living in community live richer and happier lives. We value the cooperative process of operating our own community. In today’s world, many neighborhoods do not serve the supportive function that they did in previous generations. An intentional, collaborative community can contribute to an individual’s sense of belonging and their ability to contribute to the well-being of others and society as a whole.
FINANCIAL/LEGAL DESCRIPTION ~ Structured as a condominium, all of our 32 units from one-bedroom apartments to 3- or 4-bedroom two-story apartments and townhouses are owner-occupied. There are very rare rental opportunities, usually sharing a unit with others. All pricing is in line with the Cambridge real estate market.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION ~ We are located in a diverse neighborhood with easy access to public transportation, stores, and open spaces such as Linear Park which adjoins our property and provides for both pedestrians and bikers. The community design maximizes open shared space, including gardens for both flowers and veggies, a playground structure, a large yard for play space and community events, and a patio with grills for shared outdoor meals. Our central common house offers a large dining room with a well equipped kitchen for community dinners as well as large meetings and social events. The building also has a den, an a kids’ playroom, arts & crafts room, exercise room, and a workshop with shared tools.
ACCESSIBILITY ~ The community is fully visitable/accessible for mobility disabled persons, both residents and visitors. All residences have level entries and, in multiple-story units, an accessible powder room on the first floor. All doors are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.
COMMUNITY ~ The physical design encourages spontaneous interaction. Besides regular resident-prepared community meals, we create community through shared activities, work, play and celebrations. Learning and teaching of skills between members, especially across generations, is encouraged. Interdependence and mutual assistance are promoted as an integral part of daily life. Many of us are involved in the neighborhood as well as the wider community. We use consensus as our mode of decision-making.
DIVERSITY ~ The community promotes cultural, racial and economic diversity through a broad outreach, the inclusion of affordable units and a welcoming attitude. We welcome families with children, singles, married couples, empty nesters and same-sex households.
ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY ~ Cohousing allows for a lighter, less consumer-oriented lifestyle. Economies of scale abound, including sharing of tools, child care, and guest rooms. We recycle, compost, conserve water, have solar panels and EV chargers, and try to be as environmentally responsible as we can.

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