Capitol Hill Urban CoHousing

Seattle, Washington

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We are a very diverse community in an incredibly dense neighborhood in Seattle – Capitol Hill. We have all of our 9 households with children between ages 5 and 19 years old and our adults range from early 40’s to early 70’s.
We have 9 units on 4500sf lot (smaller than the typical Seattle single family lot). Our property is located 3 blocks from light rail and has great bus access. We built with high Built-Green and LEED guidelines achieving as many high-performance sustainability metrics for energy and water usage as much as was financially feasible both now and planning for future upgrades.
We broke ground in late October, 2014 and took occupancy in March, 2016. Please note we are a unique hybrid model. All members pay $30,000 to join our LLC. The members built the apartment building and we are self-managed. We will pay market rate rents which will be kept artificially as stable as possible, rather than increasing with the market. This is intended to entice longevity. We are currently developing a vesting system. There has been no turn over since move in and none is anticipated. It’s unlikely we’ll have any openings but to be notified please join our mailing list on our website. That is where any short-term rentals or long-term residencies would be announced.

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