Burlington Cohousing East Village

Burlington, Vermont

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Burlington Cohousing East Village is a lovely community in the heart of the city. We are an example of one path to a sustainable future that includes affordable living, decreased automobile dependence, and harmonious sharing of resources along with ample opportunities for privacy. We nurture people and the natural environment.
Our location is within walking distance from downtown Burlington, the University of Vermont, Fletcher Allen Health Care, and the City of Winooski. It is convenient to live here without a car, although it is OK to have one or share one with a neighbor.
We are a relatively new community; construction was complete in November 2007.
There are 32 private homes in a variety of building types. We have “flats” in a large building with indoor access to our common house, townhouses, a duplex, and two detached single-family homes. All facilities are wheelchair accessible. We are a mixed-income community. Nine of our living units have down payment grants for income-eligible folks; the remaining units are for market rate buyers.
It’s important that you go to our own website: www.bcoho.org
We have a community building for optional group meals (every other day)and many other activities. A large outdoor area is used for outdoor play, socializing, and gardening. The land borders on a conserved natural area with hiking trails through a mature forest.
The residents manage community governance and tasks. Everyone is expected to participate actively. Please contact us to learn more. You should also check our “real” website at www.bcoho.org.
Burlington Cohousing East Village:
Lots of photos and detailed information
Burlington wins national 1st place award – using Burlington Cohousing East Village as an example of their work.

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