Bohn Farm Cohousing Community

Longmont, Colorado

This community will design and build a wonderful sense of place on a historic six acre family farm in southeast Longmont near the St. Vrain River greenbelt and Isaak Walton Park.
An objective among the existing member, active families and adults who prefer healthy living practices, is to live independently among one-another in a supportive and thoughtful manner. We all believe in developing a community that is oriented around the cultivation and harvesting of agricultural systems and developing systems of sustainability and efficiency. These are some of the properties that fit within our idea cohousing:
• Respecting the viewpoints of others
• You don’t know how much you can give until you start giving
• Sustainability & Healthy living practice
• Energy efficiency and smart growth plans (micro & macro)
• Participate with the greater community
• Achieve an intelligent, strong and self-governing protocols for our community
Join us to create the neighborhood that fulfills not only your vision but vision of like-minded individuals: a community with neighbors you feel comfortable collaborating with, spacious gardens, open space for our families to enjoy, two acres of city open space, develop access points to miles of the city’s biking & walking trail network, and so much more; there’s that much opportunity as long as you’re willing to work for it!
We are in the process of working out the Land Option Agreement with the executor to the Bohn Family. The Bohn Family would like to see a cohousing community developed on their historic family property. We hope to conserve the beauty and rural nature of our site yet integrates a modern feel for today’s trends. The existing neighborhood association has also warmed up to the existing cohousing members and the development.
Location, Location, Location:
• Along the Front range
• Southeast of Estes National Park (45 min)
• East of Lyons, CO (15 min)
• Northeast of Boulder (20 min)
• Blocks away from US Route 287 (main road to Ft. Collins and Broomfield)
• 15 minutes from I25 (South to Denver & North to Cheyenne WY)

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