Blueberry Hill

Vienna, Virginia

Blueberry Hill is a cohousing community of 19 houses in Northern Virginia, 20 miles from the District of Columbia. We are closely connected to the vegetable farm next door -- the farmers instigated the community and several of the family members live at Blueberry Hill. We are self-developed, and the first cohousing community in Fairfax County. We own a Common House together (where we eat two to three times a week, not including parties) and we maintain our commonly owned outdoor spaces. Our membership is diverse--in age, race, profession, place of origin, family size, and religious affiliation. We strive to maintain our relationships by working together on community projects, eating together often, meeting as a full group once a month, and having parties. Better still, our car-less greenway between the houses offers many opportunities for chance meetings. We also celebrate and honor significant events in the lives of our members and respond to expressed needs for help or support of various sorts.

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