Austin Senior CoHousing

Georgetown, Texas

Austin Senior CoHousing seeks to rehab, build, maintain and member-manage a village for aging-in-place of some 25 residents. Our challenge continues to be finding a suitable location near goods, services, healthcare and social opportunities needed by Seniors; but when that is secured, we will name our property. Two Core members are retired and over age 70 and two are still employed, but we seek couples and singles age 55 and over. Georgetown is on the perimeter of Greater Austin and enjoys a picturesque historic downtown along the San Gabriel River with a small private university, and high parkland ratio. The University will provide continuing educational, social and cultural opportunity as well as student help. As home to a large Del Webb Community and several smaller 55+ communities, Georgetown is Senior oriented. Medical needs are available from St Davids Hospital and various clinics within a few miles and Scott & White RoundRock (9 miles). The International Airport is more quickly accessed from Georgetown than from most of Austin. We are focused on two local properties near downtown, both with some existing improvements. Depending on which property we are able to acquire, our intent remains to make available small single family homes (attached and freestanding) from 850 to 1450sf incorporating low-maintenance materials and universal design for aging-in-place. Homes will be available for purchase in the range of $150-250K per living unit by member occupants. Our sustainability plan incorporates the use of a legal cooperative with the entity owning the whole and members owning shares with exclusive rights to occupy. The advantage is that once the property is debt free, affordable occupancy will continue to be an option and untold future dollars won’t be wasted on loan and title closing costs or real estate commissions which typically account for about 8% of the purchase costs. Being a cooperative will also allow the group entity to rent units under the same guidelines as apply to members. While units are small, our preferred design concept includes flex bedrooms which may be used by staff, guests, or in trade for student help from nearby Southwestern University. There will be a monthly fee to cover use of common areas; common meals; insurance, grounds and building maintenance and other agreed common costs. On our wish list is contract employees who provide a concierge menu of services including maintenance, housekeeping, transportation, meals, and fitness opportunities. Our intent is to provide private, independent living among companionable and caring neighbors such that members can remain in their homes as long as possible. Please feel free to request an update on our progress and or to visit further about our concept and goals if you are a prospective member.

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