Armadillo Cohousing

Austin, Texas

Community image

This new neighborhood strives to be a physical reflection of the Capital City’s best characteristics: self-expression, art/music/creativity, collaborative cooperation, exuberant celebration, welcoming hospitality, aesthetic beauty, clever utility, wondrous weirdness, and environmental ethos.
We are a circle of individuals and families of any age, genetics, national origin, religion, gender identity, dietary preference, political leaning, or physical/mental ability who want to live or work as an ownership-based collective.
Dillo CoHos are about maintaining interpersonal connections to apportion living and working spaces beyond traditional suburbs, residential towers, or apartment blocks, including in-common and private areas for gardens, socializing, craft-making, dining, and storage.
Our members aim to develop or re-purpose an affordable, mixed-use, multifamily property in the Austin area based on Permaculture and ecological design principles in a mutually supportive climate.

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