Antioch Village Pioneers

Yellow Springs, Ohio

We aim to be intergenerational, diverse, self-governing, a caring community, connected to Antioch College.
We plan to be environmentally sustainable - producing all the energy we use. We plan to have a very small footprint. Our housing will be as near passive as possible, and our energy will be produced by Solar panels to the grid and possibly some form of geo thermal. We have no garden but are connected to the college which as a small farm. We have ready and free access to nature through proximity to the 1300 acre Glen Helen Reserve and state and county parks. We hope to have a senior complex with full handicapped access. We hope to be governed by the principles of Dynamic Governance. At present we have 45 members and hope to expand to some 60 persons living in 24-34 units. We plan to be a sharing community that has a common space with kitchen, laundry, office, meeting room and outdoor area with play and picnic area, composting site, and floral gardens.

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