Akron Cohousing Community; formerly Benedictions

Akron, Ohio

We are forming an urban, hybrid (multigenerational), green cohousing community in Akron, Ohio. PLEASE NOTE that, as we are just forming, almost all details (except a commitment to live in peaceable and supportive community with each other, our neighbors, and the earth) are subject to charge as residents design their own community. Parking will be on the periphery, units will be individually owned, and the common facilities and land will be commonly owned. Regular community meetings will shape the direction and growth of the community. Residents share community work.

We intend to share goods and resources such as tools, media, transportation, etc. We will share food costs for common meals and do bulk buying. By providing storage facilities, child play areas, workshop, and common gathering and dining space, we hope to provide affordable quality spaces. Shared laundry, and office and guest space are also being considered.

We are committed to reducing consumption and conserving natural resources. We wish to own less so we can be more. Our community design will conserve energy and water. We plan to use ecologically sound maintenance practices and building materials (we are looking into strawbale construction) where possible. Food choices will be individual, but vegetarian food will be available at all common meals. We will offer nontoxic options in our building materials. We recognize that the choices to live in town (reducing our driving miles) and engage in a social situation that shares responsibilities (reducing isolation and repetition) are steps towards a sustainable lifestyle.

We wish to enable each person to create a satisfying balance between solitude and large and small gatherings. We will have regular gatherings to celebrate events such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and the life of the community.

We will resolve conflict peacefully and with a spirit of goodwill based on mutual respect, support, and trust. We will treat every person in the community with respect and kindness.

We will govern ourselves through a form of consensus decision making that includes delegating responsibility to committees.

We will accept all people for who they are. We value the strength of diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experience to build a community.

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