Flower City Cohousing Community Affordability Report – 4-20-16

Jane Ellen Bleeg, a founder of Flower City Cohousing forming group in Rochester, New York, is sharing their research - attached - as they consider including affordable units. Information sources were local, national and international, including other cohousing communities with affordable units, the Cohousing Association of the US (Coho/US), and Partnerships For Affordable Cohousing (PFAC).

From the introduction:
FC3 (Flower City Cohousing) is considering inclusion of affordable units within its 20-unit housing initiative, and tasked the Affordability Team with (1) researching strategies to achieve this, and (2) making relevant recommendations. Our Team was not neutral – we believe affordable housing will help FC3 achieve its goal of member diversity, and may help lower overall costs by attracting partners and supporters who value creating more affordable housing. No easy method exists to include affordable units. We recognize there are potential disadvantages as well, and include them. We also kept in mind potential objections as we developed our recommendations. We hope this report enables the FC3 community to reach consensus on whether or not to include affordable units, and, if yes, on the best strategies to achieve this goal.