Columbus, North Carolina

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The Adawehi community has been together over 23 years. We have found that being surrounded by loving people ensures one ample support in recognizing and releasing patterns that no longer fit with the essence of who they are. And since all gifts need expression, we provide, and encourage, many opportunities of service.
For example, our organic grocery store is like a beautiful beehive buzzing with worker bees: chefs, cashiers, cleaning crews, as well as customers, all bring their particular flavors of energy to the store. Also our gardens and greenhouses allow for many energy gifts to be expressed for the purpose of expanding health awareness.
Our longest standing and most powerful form for enhancing the synergy expression of joined gifts is what we have dubbed “work weekend.” This is a bi-monthly event that begins as a meditation of joined hearts and ends as a synergized gift of service.
We appreciate your interest in getting to know us, and we would love to get to know you. So please answer the questions below and we will begin our
– What has drawn you to community?
– What has been the most impactful growth experience in your life to date?
– How does service play out in your life?
– What is your age?
Our community activities are open to all who wish to participate. However, at this time, living on the campus is only open to people below the age of 60.
If you are ready to experience this new adventure, reach out to us with answers to the questions through our website.

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