Aging Better Together: Conference May 20-21, 2016

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Regular: $390 (4/1 - 5/19)

This conference holds the keys to creating a Senior-Friendly Cohousing Community, both MultiGenerational and Senior.

How are today's Boomers taking charge of their next chapter, reinventing aging through a community framework? How can Cohousing empower the coming wave of retiring seniors to age successfully and have fun in the process?

How will your community approach what is a delicate topic: defining what community support members can count on as they approach end of life and want to remain in the community as long as possible?

Are you a member of a forming Cohousing Community, MultiGenerational or Senior, looking for tried and true tips from established communities to help you get your footing?

Join us at the 2016 Aging Better Together Conference, to learn how to transform an existing community into a senior-friendly superstar or how to design a new community for the lifespan of all who will live there. The conference provides over 30 breakout sessions and three featured keynote presentations to guide you in this journey. Experts in cohousing, successful aging, and community founders will share their knowledge and experiences on everything from how to start a new community to end of life care in an existing one.

For newly Forming Communities:

You will learn how to get started, meet the people who can help make it happen, and discover best practices from others who have already made the journey.

For Existing & newly Forming Communities:

You will learn how to prepare your community to enable older, less mobile members to continue to live in community with you. It starts with the hard conversations that help you explore a range of aging issues such as; co-care options, designing or retro-fitting common areas, long-term care possibilities, and end of life issues.

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Register Now!

Regular: $390 (4/1 - 5/19)